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March 09, 2010



yum. what a great memorial!


Yes! Wonderful memorial for what sounds like a wonderful man. :-) I'm inspired to go and eat a jelly doughnut after class.

(Hope I die with my boots on too.)


This is delightful! What a fun way to remember him.


Happy Jelly Doughnut Day!!!


Oh, I love this! And jelly doughnuts. I'm going to have to track one down. Especially because I'm 29, and if it weren't for that list, I'd be turning 29 again this year. ;)

Also! My grandfather was famous for making doughnuts! My mom still makes them now and they are increeedible! We shake them in a bag of granulated sugar, and serve with kahlua milkshakes (or home-pressed apple cider). Mmmm.

Really nice write-up of your Grampa


That is such a neat write-up. What a cool guy. I wish I could have met him.


Mmm. Every day should be doughnut day.


You just inspired me to find a way to give tribute to my Gram & my Gramp on their birthdays. =)

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