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March 18, 2010



Oh, man, that is ugly. I think you hit the nail right on the head, though. I hope this all works out for her, because that sort of drama is not fun.


Having experienced more than my share of similar drama...here's another perspective. While Girlfriend did all of the fabulous hostess things that any friend of Slice would adore, Girlfriend should have let Boyfriend be in charge of host activities. He probably would not have paid attention to details, but there is a weird power struggle when an amazing person is on the verge of joining a family. It raises the standards. I bet Sister felt threatened. If Boyfriend is worth the effort, Girlfriend may have to shed a few tears and say how she just wanted Sister to like her because Boyfriend's family is important and she wants to be accepted by them. Play to his ego. And then remember to save the good wine for girlfriends, not in-laws. :) Good Luck!


Good call! Man, PFSIL (potential future sister in law) sounds wretched. At least she found out now! What a tough situation to be in.

operation pink herring

Wow, that is a real doozy of a decidering dilemma... but your advice was pretty spot on (as was your advice about how I should wear my wedding hair)! Maggienwilly has a really good point, too. Good luck, advice seeker... this is a really hard situation.


I agree with both you and the second commenter maggienwilly... I think that if there is a 'next time' that the sister comes to visit, the boyfriend should be in charge of activities since it's his sister. And I also agree that most every family has a quirky family member and the difference is whether or not the boyfriend is willing to be on the girlfriends side. Especially if marriage is on the table. Married folks have to be on the same team... if he's not willing to be on his significant other's side then it's definitely going to be a long, long, long road. From personal experience, unwelcoming sisters are the worst to deal with espeically if your man doesn't side with you.

My view is that if he doesn't side with you over his rude sister, hit the road and count your losses. Seriously...


Yikes, that is a tough situation, but I agree with you Janet. Excellent advice!

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