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March 02, 2010



I have no advice... but that dress is adorable!


I am going to be of zero help from a practical e-bay/sizing standpoint...but this dress is adorable! Love that graphic design on the belt.

Good luck!


Can you ask the seller what the measurements are?


Ditto what Meaghan said. Get the measurements (usually taken flat) and compare them to measurements of a dress of your own that is in a similar style.

Don't forget that even if you purchase it and it's not quite right a seamstress can likely help you out depending on the seam allowances.

Operation Pink Herring

The dress is fabulous! If the one in the store was WAY too big, I'd be OK with going down two sizes. Don't bid too early, you want to wait until bidding is just about to end and then jump in there and snipe it!


oh this dress is wonderful! I've never purchased anything on ebay but I'd want to buy this dress. I am always concerned about measurements and how sizes run so I'd try asking the seller if they have specifications. I'd want something that would make it easier for me to figure out whether the dress would fit.


Is the dress still on the store website? (It's anthro, yes?) If so, check out the reviews there -- anthropologie reviewers are particularly great about noting size and fit information in their comments.


I will add that it is much easier to have a tailor take in a dress than the reverse, so when in doubt, I'd err on the larger side.


How cute! I'd definitely go with the one size down. You can always take it in, but you can only let it out so much! Good luck!


since I am your personal seamstress, I recommend to purchase one size down, you can always take it in... perhaps letting it out is not possible.

A Little Coffee

I'm with Ruth and Gwen. Buy one size smaller, and if it's still too big, have it taken in a bit.

Maggie Mason

Agreed. One size smaller, take it in. Take it from someone who's made way too may too small purchases.

Also, Kirs are delicious, and I can't wait for your 31 days of gifts. You are clearly a kindred spirit.


Always best to buy a little bigger and then be able to take it in.

I love the yellow dress! You will look so pretty.

Let us know how the dress works out.

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