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January 26, 2010



Absolutely gorgeous pics! (I like red wine best, too.)


Cold days call for red wine, just as warm days call for white (or better yet, real, not-white-zin, rosé).


yes, I like red wine better too. When I was younger, white was my favorite, but somewhere along the line my tastes must have matured on me. I knew it was trouble when I bought a box of 6 wines -- half white and half red -- and discovered that I drank all the reds before even touching the whites.


Did you guys like Sonoma? I am jealous that you got to go to the movies after wine tasting. I got to go to the mission when we went to Sonoma. Who, besides Gavin, would want to totter around a historical monument after riding the wine train all afternoon?


I love that photo of you! How great that you got to spend the day in Sonoma. (I am a white wine kind of girl who wishes she was a red wine kind of girl.)

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