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January 06, 2010



1 - of course you need a nutmeg mill
2 - cheese...swoon...
3 - one thing which my husband and I do not disagree. 68 degrees in the winter, 76 degrees in the summer. :)


1. do you have a microplane zester?
2. all cheese is good cheese, except Camembert (sp?) or anything with mold. Sorry, French cheeses.
3. Guess you need more cuddling! :)

That Kind of Girl

!!!!!!! You guys. Do not agree. About whether to get a NUTMEG MILL?!

Priorities, dude. Gotta have 'em. In the relationship and in the kitchen. (Can you tell I'm a huge nutmeg aficionado?)

Little Miss Moi

Mr Moi and I can't even agree that we want nutmeg, let along a mill. He wanted to put nutmeg in a bolognese sauce the other night. I vetoed him.


What I want to know is who is the one who doesn't think cheese is delicious? Because that's just disturbing.


I should have backed you on the nutmeg mill...I suck. Come to my house, I just give Gav the ol' "you don't want the baby to be COLD since you can't keep blankets on her" line and then crank the heat to a tropical 74 degrees...we'll drink a pina colada and listen to the Beach Boys while they nap.


1.Who doesn't need a nutmeg Mill?
2. heese much like chocolate deserves it's own food group.
3. The temp is right if your comfortable naked.


I want a nutmeg mill!!!

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