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January 12, 2010


That Kind of Girl

Ooooh, how is the no-internet-after-8 resolution going? I would absolutely lose my mind -- I can't even tell you how much I admire your resolve.

(Also, yogurt, berries and granola sounds amazing right now.)


I'm with you on #6.

I don't think we could ever set an no-internet rule time in our house... Sad, I know.


re: #3 - same exact thing I'm eating for lunch lately...though, no kidding...i thought about switching to whole wheat toast with smashed avocado and sardines (thanks, Alton Brown!). What are the odds?


How did the no internet after 8pm rule get established?

Stephen Schaunt

Auh, I suddenly crave for smashed avocado! We just ate too much of it this holiday season, hehe. How's your Law and Popular Culture class, btw? You must've learned something nice from it! Can you share some? :D

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