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January 03, 2010


That Kind of Girl

Good for you, sticking to a resolution! And now that you haven't seen any difference in your skin, you can rest assured that it probably doesn't matter all that much if you miss a day or two in 2010.

No internet after 8pm, though. Dang. Harsh. I should try something similar. Or maybe just no more laying down with my computer on its side in front of me, browsing the internet as I'm literally falling asleep...

The Maiden Metallurgist

I always try to make one resolution I can hold myself accountable to. My resolution for the last 2 years was to always eat dinner before drinking. Sadly it took me 2 years to get that one under my belt. My resolution this year is to floss every day instead of sporatically.

I believe that resolutions don't have to be grand. Good luck! Your resolution sounds tough.


I actually made the same resolution for this year! I'm terrible at washing my face before bed - especially when drinking or going to bed late. I'm glad someone else had the same difficulty and was able to improve!


I think I would be massively more productive if I stepped away after the internet after 8pm. I'd certainly read a lot more books. I like it!


I actually made a similar resolution this year - but it is no internet until I've worked out. I tend to get on as soon as I get home from work and then I don't end up working out until 10 pm or not at all.
Good luck with no internet past 8. that's tough!!

Just Fine Just Dandy

No internet after 8! Wow that's impressive. I don't know that I'd even last 2 weeks on that on! I thought about trying no internet for an entire week except for email once a day, and I still have doubts.

Kinda sad, huh?

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