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January 13, 2010



they really sent you four, individual pennies?

i'm more amazed with the pennies! haha...but glittens are definitely the way to go :)


I LOVE glittens. They are the perfect on the go winter accessory because they are functional, which is key. But it sounds like I need to add a fancier pair to my (small) collection.


I find these MYSTIFYING.


Ooh, I want. Plus, glitten sounds like glitter kitten. Win-Win.

Love the pennies. That's hilarious.


These are beautiful...I want them in winter white. How great is J. Crew?


I love the glittens and I too find them very useful, but for different reasons. Glittens (what a cute word!) are super useful for walking your dog and also for pumping gas and using your credit card at the pay at the pump. :)


I love glittens. They make it so much easier to switch songs on my iphone without freezing to death!

That Kind of Girl

Ooooh, I like the concept of glittens but most of the pairs I've seen have been way too bulky to seem useful. Those, though, are sleek and lovely!

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