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January 04, 2010


The Maiden Metallurgist

I loved Coraline! It was stunning.


I absolutely agree with your first 4, although not necessarily in that order.

...and then I must have checked out of movies, because I haven't seen any of the others. :)



Loved 500 Days and The Hangover! For some reason, I have had no desire to see J&J though - weird! I was going to add Milk, but that was apparently 2008. Oh! And I just saw and *loved* Up in the Air.

Just added Sept. Issue and Whatever Works to me queue!


Must see "An Education"... my favorite of 2009.


Fantastic Mr. Fox! It truly is fantastic.


i saw five of those and i totally agree with you on their top ten status, especially star trek, i still can't believe how much i enjoyed that movie.


Ditto to An Education. And I have Coraline on my list, def want to see that one!

A Twitter User

I just watched Coco before Chanel on an airplane and really liked it!


I loved Coraline too. Up in the Air was enjoyable, I thought, but my brothers did not enjoy it (but they'd recommend Avatar).

Ones I want to see (so not necessarily a recommendation):
1. Coca before Chanel
2. the roller derby girls movie with Ellen Paige


Julie & Julia was very good! I still want to see the Septemember Issue - it was only in Minneapolis for a short while & I blinked and it was gone.


Oh, but Confessions of a Shopaholic was still my favorite movie of 2009. :)

Appetite for Conversation

In early 2009 I saw the Duchess and Once - both were great, although I think they were technically 2008 movies. Most recently I loved Nine - fantastic style, music, costumes, the works!


Saw the top four and LOVED them all! I also really enjoyed The Blind Side and Up in the Air - both worth checking out!


I will go for "Avatar" and "2012" movie. These both are fantastic movies. I highly recommend you .

Right Brained Gal

I agree with most of your choices but not in the same order. I think Up in the Air was good, but not great, Blind Side pretty good, and loved An Education. It's Complicated was funny but not very good. Oh, I also liked Avatar, but disliked Lovely Bones. 2009 was not a very good year for movies.


Gavin and I just watched 500 Days of Summer. We LOVED it. Why didn't we think of that? Very cute and clever.


I would say the "win" movie of 2009 was Away We Go, with John Krasinski and Maya Rudolph. I could have seen that movie 20 more times in theaters.

Also, the indie movie Adam was not bad at all. Hugh Dancy steals your heart.

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