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January 11, 2010


That Kind of Girl

I feel like I might be an appropriate facebook fan of pineapples, if only because I do not enjoy eating them: I just like their cute little aesthetic and personality. Pictures of pineapples: adorable. Wedges of pineapple on my food: pleh. Ergo it stands to reason that my main pineapple demographic is cute cartoon pineapples, for whom there could conceivably be a facebook page?

Okay. Reminder, TKOG: no more blog commenting before morning caffeine.


Hmm I'm definitely a fan of snail mail. The smell of laundry and permanent markets. Chanel Chance. Yorkshire Terriers. Watermelon. Sushi. I could go on and on!


Ugh, those Facebook fan groups are so goofy! Somebody I know recently became a fan of happiness. HAPPINESS.

But I sort of get it, when it comes to some things. I mean, I'm nuts about sharks more than I am about most animals, so it would make sense for me to become a fan of sharks. I'm also really crazy about tofu with spicy red curry. But before I know it, I'd be inundated with updates about sharks ("Pls don't eat fins, so not cool") and tofu with spicy red curry ("Prefers to hang with white rice"), and dang if I don't have too many status updates to keep track of already.


hmmmm...snow days, swings on the beach, epidurals, margaritas in the afternoon, long dinners, cocktail rings, warm days in February, sliceofpink, popcorn at the movies...


Lol! Well, according to FB, I'm a fan of "63 Notifications Later and I regret Liking Your Status," Golden Gate Park, Jews, Food and Tap Water.


I'm a fan of pants, cheese, your mom, the color pink (that should be obvious, though), Glee, bacon, Aretha Franklin's Inauguration hat. To name a few.

The funnier the better.


Hmmm, I want to become a fan of cheese. I am sure there is such a group!

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