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January 05, 2010



With sexy hats like those, you should find a factory to tour every day!


I worked at the St. Louis headquarters of Budweiser for many years -- you MUST come here for your Budweiser tour as this is the best of the 12 breweries!

The Maiden Metallurgist

I've been on the Coors tour hundreds of times (well, the short tour, I've only been on the long tour once) but I'd love to go on the Jelly Belly tour.


I do like Jelly Bellys!

I have done the Ben & Jerrys ice cream tour and the Vermont Teddy Bear factory tour.

Also, some brewery in Wisconsin, but not Budweiser which would be in St. Louis!


I love factory tours! I've done Sam Adams in Boston, Ben & Jerry in VT, and Theo Chocolate in Seattle. I'm dying to do the Anchor Steam one, but it's only on weekdays!


I think a Budweiser tour sounds much more fun than your disappointing Jelly Belly one. And tastes better, too :)


Having done both the Jelly Belly and Budweiser tours, I can assure you that free beer trumps free jelly beans any day.


When we were in Colorado over the summer, one of my favorite days was in Boulder, when we visited the Celestial Seasonings factory and took a tour of the Boulder Beer microbrewery. Both highly recommended (and both were free)!


I visited the Heineken brewery while I was in Amsterdam. Free beer. I highly recommend the beer brewery visit.


i did the jelly belly tour a couples years ago with the family and i was totally in heaven, love jelly beans. i say my next tour should be the barefoot winery, cause that counts right?

That Kind of Girl

I've read that the Jelly Belly factory tour is a bit disappointing any time -- mostly conducted by video, etc.

Growing up in Vegas, I must have visited the Jet Puff Marshmallow factory and the Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice factory two dozen times apiece. Sometimes in high school we'd hit both in an afternoon just for the sugarbuzz!


I've driven by both the Jelly Belly and Budweiser factories numerous times and wondered what they're like. I would also recommend the Scharffenberger chocolate factory in Berkeley and the Dreyer's ice cream factory in Union City!

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