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November 16, 2009



I'm seriously considering this. In some ways I think "I'm not a big enough blogger to go to a blogging conference"...but it would be amazing to meet so many women that are in the same boat.
As for planning this earlier than you planned your wedding? Well, everyone has priorities! ;)


I could probably be convinced. Especially since I could get there on the bus!


*raises hand* this girl!


It depends on when it is. I've never attended because BlogHer always happens when I have my kids. And because of my particular situation, I can't just leave my kids with someone just then. Although now that they are older, we could make it a family jaunt to whatever city. Sigh. Life isn't easy, you know?


I so want to go to a BlogHer conference and NYC is so wonderful. But alas, I am still a fresh college grad without a well paying gig, so I might just have to wait a little longer :-)

Jennifer Berthiaume

I'm almost positive that i'm in. It's going to be one of my New Year's Resolutions But I just can't plan that far ahead.


I'v been considering joining BlogHer b/c I keep hearing about it - what is it exactly? As for attending a conference, should I join that's really easy peasy - I live in NYC!


I'll be there!


Ooh, now I totally want to go. As long as the food is better than they had at BlogHerFood this year! ;) *cough*BertoliFrozenFood*cough*

Just Fine Just Dandy

It's in NYC? Sounds sooo fun! Hmmm...I'm going to have to think about that one. I don't know any other bloggers in real life...


oh yay! i'm hopefully attending again next year since i've gone to the last two. can't wait to meet you if i do! :)


This is going to sound ridiculous, but I think you should devote a post to explaining just what BlogHer is. I don't get it. I googled it to try to learn a little more but still found myself scratching my head. I know so many of my favorite bloggers are members, and I know there's conferences, but that's about all I know! Help?


I'm so glad you're going to be there! Me, too -- for the fourth year in a row!

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