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November 19, 2009



ah this post was so wonderful!

and my favorite artist is edward hopper, hands down.


I'm a big fan of Renoir.

That Kind of Girl

Awesome! Also, I went crazy when I read the anecdote about Dali and the diving suit, because I knew I had seen that dramatized somewhere and couldn't remember where. Then eventually remembered that it's a great scene in The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay. Just another good reason to read the book, I guess!

I'm totally using the one about Picasso being a suspect for the theft of the Mona Lisa as an ice-breaker at a cocktail party tomorrow! Great post.

sensibly Sassy

wow what a great post! I took so many art history classes during undergrad that had I kept track I could have gotten a minor in it. Oh well.
Keep these facts a comin!


1. didn't know!
2 knew!
3 didn't know
4 knew
5 knew!

Love it all; thanks for this post!

and Matisse is my favorite.

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