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November 13, 2009



That sounds quite a bit like my shopping habits as well....


You shop like my husband! I am the one that usually buys the groceries (as I am the one that cooks) and I don't buy anything that's not on the all-important grocery list.
When I send Jon to the grocery store to pick up a forgotten item or a gallon of milk, he comes back with the oddest things - chocolate marshmallows, PopTarts, cookies, ice cream, etc.
PS - your grocery store is lovely! I'm jealous!


I love your poem! Don't undersell yourself.

Also, yes, your grocery store is lovely. I am jealous.


I *love* grocery shopping, it's one of my very favourite things to go and peruse all the lovely things I could buy, now or in the future, and then from those choose the ones that will make the cut that day and think about what I will make with them. I usually choose a mix of healthy things and yummy treats. When I was in Sacramento last year, I made Mike take me on a field trip to Trader Joe's so I could bring things back with me that I can't get in Canada!


I love the Nugget...I miss the Nugget. and I miss you :(

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