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October 06, 2009



Oh, I love violet mints. Or anything violet flavored! I have a whole bowlful of various violet candies at my house, in fact!

My contenders:
*Zotz: Cause they're a great conversation piece. It's sweet! Now it's sour!
*Salted caramels
*M&Ms in various themed colors. Not red, white and blue, though. :)
*British chocolate, cause it's way better than ours. Wait, would that be weird?


i think i'd go for reeses pieces or whoppers. both are so darn tasty.


I'd taste the rainbow...SKITTLES! Would that say something about how I feel about gay rights? :)


I think it would have to be peanut butter M&M's. Yum!!!


Swedish fish, no question. But wait, is that not patriotic? I guess I could rename them, if pressed. Freedom fish!


I think I would go with Sour Patch Kids--it would be interesting to see who could deal with the sour.


Gummy Life Savers or Skittles. And I'd have a minion whos job it was to refill the bowl everyday. I'd also need a dentist.


hard to pick just one, skittles i think!


hmmm, I'd want something that keeps people's breath minty fresh, but is still fun...maybe those little pastel pillow mints. I'd put them out with a small pair of tongs to add a touch of class and to keep germs out of my candy dish.


I'm a sour patch kids girl myself...what a fun question!


Junior Mints, for sure. Mmmmmm.


Chocolate Covered Gummi Bears from the Rocky Mountain Candy Co!

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