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October 10, 2009



I couldn't have said it better. Thank you.

Jennifer Berthiaume

I LOVE the "Kanye West: Taylor Swift as Unclassy Americans: Obama's Nobel Win." (p.s. see what high school teaches you? that little semi-colon for comparison!)

It's exactly how I feel about this whole shebang, and that's exactly why I haven't put in my two cents.

People just need someone to hate. That's what the President of the United States' position has unfortunately morphed into in the past two decades. It's terribly sad, really.


hear, hear.

and I agree with Jennifer -- it's quite sad that the presidency has turned into the person to vilify for the other party.


excellent point. i'm ashamed of us.

Your Dissenting Future

I understand your frustration with the nature of the arguments regarding Obama's Nobel Peace Prize. For the most part they are rude and childish. I strongly disagree, however, with your "say something nice or don't say anything at all" policy. The right to dissent is one of the principles on which America was founded and should not be given limits. People should be able to respectfully disagree about the merits of Nobel Prize recipients without being accused of lacking class.


Totally agree! It's not like it's Time magazine's peace prize -- it's a little more important and meaningful than that, and I'm certain the decision wasn't taken lightly.



Though if Bush had won it, I don't know I could have stayed classy. Ha - like he would have ever won it! ;)


I think the Nobel Prize is an honor for the President and our country. Hopefully, this means we can end the war.


VERY well said. Mind if I link to this in my blog?

sensibly Sassy

well done! People are so immature sometimes its pretty annoying

Happy Fun Pants

I COMPLETELY agree with you. I'm so glad that you wrote what you did...in fact, I think that's mostly because you wrote it better than I probably ever could have.

When is enough enough already?


very well said indeed.


great post, as always :)


Very well said, Janet. Very well said.

Angela Noelle

The obligatory "found ya via":
Answer - Janssen.

What I have to say:
So well written. And from a NZer's perspective, I am much less interested in watching or hearing the debate about whether it's warranted, but very intrigued by the lack of support. Great post.


"Look, I don't know purport to know anything about the Nobel Peace Prize. I don't know the requirements or the qualifications. I can barely name 10 recipients of the prize..."

Lack of knowledge never stops the post-feminist American woman from sharing her opinions...

Some people thought that Obama winning the prize was a joke. As it turns out, a majority of the Nobel committee felt the same way. I'd have a great deal of respect for your opinion if the other side had exhibited at least a modicum of class during Bush's (awful) presidency.

I love how the Obama people chastise us for lack of civility, lack of class, and being unwilling to compromise. When, just a few years ago, "dissent = patriotism." Let's be serious, the dissent that went on during Bush's term wasn't all reasoned, measured, classy criticism either.

Oh, now we need to be civil. Really?

For the good of the country?

BS, this country has never been classy. Travel overseas and spot a group of other Americans - it's disgusting.

If I were an Obama supporter I would want the country to be more bipartisan and civil too. Certainly, working with Obama would help him pass his agenda (presumably your agenda too).

This award was a joke. The majority of the nobel committee didn't want him to get the prize. It's being ridiculed because it's an easy target.

Slice of Pink

Oh, are we still talking about this?

I agree that this country is not classy on the whole, but I personally have never used this website to say what I really think of George W. Bush (and it's not very kind), during his administration or otherwise. So, if anybody has a right to tell America to class it up, it's me. Word.

And, just to get one thing straight, I'm not a post-feminist. I'm third wave.

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