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August 25, 2009



What cuties!


I don't know if I am more inspired by your kindness or your use of nosegay in a sentence...


cute pictures.
cute kids.
cute dress.
and you look cute in that first picture.
just all sorts of cute


awww adorable kids. It's amazing how much technology i take for granted and things like a digital camera are so amazing to these kids.

Ps. cute dress. =)

Pink Sun Drops

Oh my gosh those pictures are absolutely adorable. Not sure if Will does photography a lot but I really feel as if I was there listening to those kiddos laugh and seeing you buy that nosegay just looking at those pictures. Almost makes me cry they're so cute, but do they have to sell things on the street like that??!! I would be so scared for my kiddos to do that with complete strangers!! Especially that little one in the middle.


Love this post.

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