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August 31, 2009



I actually think buffets are indigenous to Las Vegas--so consider yourself safe.


I think this is such a great idea! All the best for the next 30 days!


I think the eating part would be simple, but drinking local, now that will be difficult. What is there to drink other than H20?

And what about happy hour?
I hope Napa valley is a 100 miles from Davis?

Good luck, I wish I could do this! I live in Upstate NY- and we only grow apples.


Oh, I can't wait to hear more about this. I'd be totally content if you turned into a hippie blog :)


Love it! Really looking forward to seeing what you eat (no, seriously). I love the terroir and Vegas exceptions, too. ;) We're so lucky to live in CA - makes this much more realistic!


I didn't know you guys became vegetarians! :)

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