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August 12, 2009



I LOVE LOVE LOVE my flickr account - if anything, it was a big savior when my MacBook was stolen last year (I have photos from my year-plus stay in Japan and all my trips overseas, imagine if thjey were gone!), because when you have a paid account, it archives the photos in its original file size so you can always download them again.

Quick question/comment: this may sound strange but just wondering how did you get your teeth so white, they are lovely! I need to think of something since my wedding is coming up.



Seriously - the uploading is great and they're a download for straight from iPhoto.

Totally worth the $25 or so bucks...


I'm a huge fan of flickr. Even the free version is pretty darn useful.


Flickr! I love how they archive your photos calendar style so when you're looking for pics from Labor Day 2006 you can go straight to them easy peasy.

Erin C.

Flickr is really worth the minimal 25 dollar investment. It helps you organize the photos (and video's) and is also a bit like having a blog in that you get views, comments, and faves from other people. And, Flickr will organize that data for you, too.


Flickr, all the way :)


man and i thought i was a busy bee, you guys are all over the place! and um loooove those pics, way too cute.


Love your hair in those pictures!! Super cute! :)


another vote for flickr :)

Operation Pink Herring

I also vote for Flickr! I resisted for a long, long time because I was opposed to paying when there are free services available. But flickr is awesome, not only for sharing but as a backup for your own photos... and it's so much easier to link to the flickr photo than to upload photos individually into typepad. Flickr!!


another vote for flickr. I heart it!

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