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July 02, 2009



I admire your stamina -- I gave up meat in high school but then slowly started letting it back into my diet after I got married 10 years ago. I've struggled ever since to give it up.

Do you eat fish/seafood at all?


What are your and Will's favorite meals?


This is awesome - I'm so tempted to just print this out to explain the reasoning why I went vegetarian...so many people just jump right up on their soapbox and explain how you're wrong etc. and I'm kinda tired of explaining myself. I read that very ESPN article (having a basketball/back injury myself) and also Fast Food Nation/Omnivore's Dilemma, and it convinced me.

I feel so much better lately... :)


That was a very thoughtful and well written post.

I've been proactive about trying to change my diet...although when I eat any kind of meat, it's from Whole Foods - free range, grass fed. And it's not cheap so it's not often that I eat it.

Like the previous commenter, I would love to hear some of your favorite dishes - I'm always looking for new things to try. I love squash but I need to change it up a bit.

Oh and I highly recommend seeing the film Food Inc...such an eye opener.

Erin C.

Kudos to you for sticking with vegetarianism for so long. There must be a payoff (feeling better). I am seriously thinking about inching more and more toward a mostly vegetarian diet. The tricky part is the other member of my household doesn't buy into that lifestyle, so that is why I haven't jumped in sooner. It does seem like a no-brainer: feeling good, trimming off excess weight, less disease. And, the speedier injury recovery is a new one to to add in attempts to persuade my husband.
We both just watched the movie, "King Corn", which, while not exactly vilifying the meat industry, makes a good argument to not support it.


I find this very interesting. I love veggies and often think that I could be a vegetarian... But have never seriously considered it or looked into seeking advice froma nutrionist to ensure a well balanced diet.

I've also heard of the China Study and have also heard that the proof is quite compelling. Maybe I'll purchase it myself...

Anyhow, so this may be a stupid question, but I assume no meat of any variety includes seafood, correct? No seafood?

And what would a typical day's menu include for you? I'm curious!


What is the flax portion to replace an egg?

What do you do at summer b-b-ques where the main dish is usually meat?

If more people knew where meat and animal products come from, I think fewer people would jump to judge.


Yay Janet :) you explained this so well. I get tired of explaining too. I have to agree with J, I am also tempted to print this out and just show it to whoever ask.


As a lifelong raised vegetarian, I am still looking for good recipes. Although I was raised as a vegetarian, I do not have a healthy balanced diet. Way to much bread and pasta, not enough greens and protein. Help us all out and list your meals!


Please write more about this! I'm so interested in hearing what people eat and why, particularly vegetarianism.


I would like to hear more about what you eat in a typical day/week. I would like to go vegetarian, but my husband would never do it. So usually when I am eating alone I leave out meat, and when we're dining together it will usually include meat. I don't think I could give up dairy/cheese though...do you eat a lot of soy products?


This echoes a lot of the above commenters, but I am curious as to what "a day of food" looks like for you guys. Also how you are getting protein and what sorts of recipe substitutions have worked well. Did you ease into it or go cold turkey? Contemplating making the change myself, but need it to be manageable living with a boyfriend who likes meat. :)


Do you have any recommendations for finding a good nutritionist? How/Where did you find yours?


Thanks for sharing this info! I've been exploring go vegetarian myself and I'm very interested in the subject. Can you share how you made the leap?

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