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July 07, 2009



Gavin makes some dang good margaritas.


Amen! Soy cheese is gross!

As a lifelong vegetarian, I have to admit that there are some incredibly tasty veggie burgers on the market (Dr. Praeger's comes to mind), but on the whole -- I have yet to find a really good fake meat product. I tried soy dogs and they were just awful and faux bacon? Tasted like a smoked leather belt.

My entire life is basically your barbecue experience -- everything BUT the meat...and lots of margaritas. It makes for a happy girl :)


ok now I am hungry for guacamole fajitas! but NOT with soy cheese :)

Little Miss Moi

Interesting. I'm not a vegie, but we eat vego only a couple of nights per weeks, and we have lots of vegie friends. I've never had a hassle cooking for them. In fact, it's enjoyable to have a different take on food every once in a while.


Delurking to say that I ordered the book "The China Study". I'm really interested to read it. Thanks for sharing!


Haha, I disagree - I hate soy milk but love soy cheese! However, I concur that fish are the freakiest things alive and are unfit for consumption in any form.

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