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June 29, 2009



oh, what's not to love about the 4th of july? everyone's in a good mood, happy to be outside and enjoying the summer weather while munching on grilled and finger foods. the magic of fireworks isn't lost on even the most scientific of people, nor on those who have seen it 50 times before. the loud booms, the bright colours, the cheers, and just the energy that surrounds and event like this is matched by none other.

it's purely for enjoyment, there's nothing to give, it's finally something we can do without any conditions.

good luck with the contest!


I love me some red, white and blue cupcakes. Who doesn't love an excuse to whip up some red and blue velvet?

Jennifer Berthiaume

I love swiming all day and kissing under the fireworks all cuddly and bundled up. :)


I have a gorilla pod already, so feel free to skip me up if I happen to be randomly chosen. I just wanted to comment and say that I love mine too! So easy to throw in the car and carry around. I don't use it near so much as I should, but I am a pretty steady shooter. I'm going camping this week, and I'm going to find a way to strap it onto my backpack. It'll come in handy for trying to take a picture of me with my boyfriend that isn't from the "end of the arm" perspective.

oh, and just to participant: my favorite thing about the 4th is definitely the fireworks! I love grilling out in summer, hanging out with friends, etc . . . but you can have that anytime. The fourth is for exploding things :-)


Definitely MY favorite holiday as well!

Favorite things:
1.) Our annual BBQ (this is the 9th year!) which includes water guns, water balloons, badminton, washers, tons of food and LOTS of fireworks;
2.) Webster Groves Community Days Carnival with fireworks, rides and funnel cakes;
3.) Community Days 4th of July parade with great floats, candy, super soakers and soldiers

4th of July is THE holiday to celebrate in my small St. Louis suburb and is the reason why we moved here in 2001.


Fireworks are great, but my favorite part of 4th of July is the daytime stuff. Beach, BBQs, that sort of thing.


Heh, okay I'm Canadian so my affinity for 4th of July is that it's slow around the office here because most of our customers are in the USA :) Plus, I love the way you guys celebrate. It looks like so much fun. I hope one day to spend 4th of July in the USA so I can experience it firsthand.

Great prize by the way!


My favorite part of thet 4th is sparklers!! You never get too old for sparklers. :)


Love the food, fun, and fireworks.


I'll be packing up my house since we have to be out next Monday. Bleck. Happy 4th indeed.


Maggie and Willy like the 4th because it is their b-day. Well, it's the day that I picked for them to celebrate their b-day. What day could be better for their party? Grilling and eating outside automatically means good treats "accidently" get dropped for them. The best part is that they get a party and nobody thinks I am completely crazy for my dogs.


I love the 4th because we got married on July 3rd. We picked that day because the fireworks, the sparklers, the festivities, parades and summer fun are what we always want in our marriage...we're celebrating our 6th this year and it keeps getting better!

La Petite Chic

The thing I love most about the 4th is seeing our country so patriotic. I love the flags and the wearing of red, white and blue and the feeling of being a unified country.


What do I love about the 4th? Generally it's a slow work day for this Canadian - my company has many American customers!


The fourth is a great time to hike up a hill and sit with your significant other and watch all the fireworks in seclusion.


I like the BBQ!


I love those insanely delicious, bad-for-you hotdogs, bbq chicken that is so tender you don't have to chew, and the camaraderie that comes from not really celebrating freedom, but friendships.


I love the 4th because it is my wife's birthday! She is the best!


Hurray! Check out your shout out: http://raelovesny.blogspot.com/2009/07/gorilla-pod-giveaway.html


I love spending the time with my family at the lake. I love sparklers, BBQ and celebrating with my children. I love watching their faces while they watch fireworks.

Erin C.

It's an easy holiday to relax and chill with family and/or friends. Watching fireworks is a memorable activity and all you have to do is lie back and join the chorus of oohs and aahs.


For me, it's the fireworks! Love them!


Drinking cool, fresh-brewed beer on a warm summer night after not wearing shoes all day, while getting paid for it, reminds me that we live in the home of the brave!

Kayla Smith

I love the...
cold drinks and warm BBQ in hot weather
laughter (even the high pitched, loud kind)
actual relaxation
meeting strangers
chatting with non strangers
smiles from watching fireworks
and goodbyes

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