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May 14, 2009



Off the top of my head I would say Vancouver or Panama City. I personally would go to Havana, but I don't know if you are up for breaking the law :)

Jennifer Berthiaume

I say you try something crazy like a zip line. In which case, hello Costa Rica!

Check it out. http://www.destination360.com/central-america/costa-rica/costa-rica-canopy-tours.php


If you really are up for going as far as Europe, you could always go to Morocco. True, it's Africa not Europe, but it's close! Flight connections to Marrakesh and Casablanca are good and fairly plentiful, especially from France.

Plus, you could spend a few days in one of the beach towns (though I would avoid Agadir) and then do a few days traveling around the desert or the larger cities. We did a few days in Marrakesh earlier this year and it was amazing...a shock to the senses, but amazing.


And I misread, and Europe has been excluded. Still, worth keeping in mind when you have more time on your hands!


Costa Rica is awesome and beautiful -- I'd definitely recommend it. Otherwise, go for somewhere in the Caribbean. I guess Puerto Rico isn't outside the country, eh?

You could also go visit Tikal in Guatemala. I went there as a kid, and it was super awesome. Honduras also has some neat ruins, but the ones in Guate were way better.


I would say Vancouver or some other fun Canadian destination. Since you like bicycling, maybe you could ride around Prince Edward Island.


Costa Rica is a good choice, but I'd add Belize to the list of destinations being considered.


I think Central America is your best bet. Flights aren't long, and you can find something relatively cheap. Try checking for flights into Liberia in Costa Rica instead of into San Jose. They're sometimes cheaper. Then you'd just vacation on the western coast.


I lived in Quito, Ecuador for a year and would have to vote that. It is INCREDIBLY affordable (like expensive meals are $5) and fun. From Quito, you could go to the Galapagos (by land or by sea) for less than $1000 including your flights to the island. You could hike a volcano, visit the Rain Forest, surf on the equator and hang out with the rare blue footed booby birds. Best thing, they currently use the American dollar so you're abroad but you don't have to exchange your money. And your money goes A LONG WAY once you get there.


Would you consider Canada? Vancouver is absolutely GORGEOUS!

Much like you, we are more about adventure and less about lying on the beach. We are traveling to Toronto this summer with our kids (only a 12 hour drive from St. Lou!)

A Twitter User

Oh gosh, I'd have to say Israel, it's the most amazing country ever. I am a little bias though, I did live their for a year, and it's sort of my other home. Plus, I would LOVE to go back there- it's been almost 2 years and I can't stop dreaming about it...


I was thinking Vancouver/Whistler and that whole area as well. Amazing city, but lots to do outdoors also.

Then I saw Costa Rica as a suggestion and now I'm torn because Jason and I dream of going diving there.

But I also dream of moving to Vancouver. Hmmm...maybe I'm not the best person to ask.


Belize is awesome but DON'T go in the summer. Imagine the last place you'd like to be in the summer in the U.S. and multiply the heat and ickiness factor by 10. That's Belize. Great holiday destination spot though :)


I was going to say Costa Rica as well.

Also, my boyfriend and I had the absolute BEST time ever in Barbados last fall. It was fun in the sun without tourist overload.


Hel-lo! Have you thought of the very exotic and cheap possibilities of the SAN FERNANDO VALLEY?! There are museums, multicultural opportunities, and the locals adore you (two-year-olds have great taste). Heck, I hear the barmaid will even bring you drinks in the pool (just don't set your margarita down on the side of the pool or the dog licks the salt off your glass). ; )


I would go for Tofino or Ucluelet on Vancouver Island. Fly into Vancouver and rent a car and head for the island.

Beth B

Why exclude Hawaii? It's definitely not just beaches -- Kauai has the gorgeous Waimea Canyon and more hiking than you could do in 7 days. It's very rural and not nearly as tourist-y as Maui or Oahu. And the Big Island has an erupting volcano and awesome snorkeling. And all only a 5-hour flight from CA.

Just some thoughts, but I also have to agree with those above -- Vancouver is beautiful and there's lots to see and do. That's what I'm considering for my summer vacation, actually. :-)

Nicole K

PEOPLE PEOPLE... they have already been to Canada.

I say go Jamaica or the Caribbean
It isn't even that touristy if you go local.
Break out of the barrier and check it out!!!!


how about puerto rico? that would be fun and i don't think it's too far of a flight. don't know if that would count as another country to you but it'd be fun.


VANCOUVER!!! A beautiful city full of things to do: museums, hiking, kayaking, eating amazing food (of many varieties including great ethnic food), drinking beer... the list goes on. Friendly Canadians and a good exchange rate right now don't hurt.

Also, Puerto Vallarta. I've never been there, but people keep telling us to go there for our honeymoon. Apparently there is more to it than touristy hotels.


I am not sure where you are flying from, oh, California, yes?
Hmmm. Honduras - I hear good things about. I really really love the Dominican Republic, but it's probably a long flight - when we went we flew out of Detroit and it was quite fast, but now that we live in CA we just go to Mexico or Hawaii. So I am not a lot of help :)


Even if you've already "been to Canada" I'd second a visit to Tofino/Ucluelet on Vancouver Island. Easily one of my favorite places. If you don't want to spend an entire day coming or going, that excludes Costa Rica/Belize/Caribbean. You could even fly directly into Victoria, saving you driving time/ferry time (though the ferry trip is very fun and scenic). Besides, Victoria is amazing for the "cosmpolitan" aspects (and Butchart Gardens...).


OK, it's still in the U.S. but what about Alaska?

Or the AV...it's almost like a different planet at times. :)

Bruce Small

Victoria is very nice, as is Kauai. Trust me.


I still vote Mexico City. Odds are the flu will have died down by then and if not, you can just test your immune systems to see how strong they really are! ;)

Also, I agree with maggienwilly, I've heard stories about people visiting the AV and they say it's unbelievable! Full of coffee trips with former robotics and photo students and intelligent conversation during a visit to the Western Hotel Museum on the boulevard.


I vote for Costa Rica! It is a short flight, amazing country with so much to do and see. I am not a sit around kinda girl either and spent a month there last summer. A few yrs back my husband and I went for 8 days and it was perfect.

Possible plan -
1-2 nights in San Jose
3-4 nights in Monte Verde (or Arenal)
3-4 nights in Manuel Antonio

~Travel between locations via Interbus~

That gives you the city - the mountains - the beach!

It is amazing!!


Our personal favorites are the Dominican Republic, the Marshall Islands, Puerto Rico, St Thomas and St Croix, and Costa Rica. They do have the beach thing happening if you want to hit the sand but they also have a lot of local culture and a ton of exploratory options.

Mr. Beer Belly

A week away? Hmmm. I think I'd go to Australia. I've never been there and have been fascinated with the place since I met my first girlfriend (who was from Australia).


Key West? I really love it there and there is lots to do in addition to lying on the beach. Maybe even add a few days in Miami if you want the night life. And don't forget the 5-toed cats at Hemingway's house!!


I'd like to second the suggestion of Puerto Rico. I spent a week there five years ago and it was one of the best trips I've take. Old San Juan is beautiful, the center of the island has caving and jungle, the west coast is great for surfing and the east coast is great for scuba. Everywhere there's rich cultural attractions to enjoy.

However, it is not outside the country.

So if you really do need to get out of the US I would recommend Guatemala. Antigua is a really special spot and there are a couple nice days to be spent in lake/jungle country as well.

Alternatively, go to Guanajuato & Morelia, my favorite non-infected cities in Northern Mexico.

Bon Voyage!


How about the US virgin islands? Not too far, tropical & adventurous, and warm?

Shawna Alpdemir

Please go to New Zealand and go backpacking so I can live vicariously through you!

You cannot tell me this isn't beautiful!! http://www.smaggle.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/12/nz.jpg

P.S. I left you my blog link for study abroad in case you want to follow me on my adventures to Turkey - 2 months left in the States!


Oh, I meant 6-toed cats in Key West!! Key West still gets my vote. And I should say so many cute little shops!

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