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May 19, 2009



the devil's advocate in my would like to point out that there is a limit to doing what you love. I'm currently doing what I love (working at a nature center teaching people about, well, nature). I'm an "intern," so I make $800 + housing a month, despite having a master's degree. And you're apparently expected to intern for 2 or 3 YEARS before moving on in the field. I'm giving this one or two more years (maybe) before I jump ship and look at something I still love that is slightly more lucrative. Say, teaching. Maybe after the recession and after people stop cutting teaching jobs.

but, yes, I say Dawn should take the job she'd like more . . . IF it can provide for her needs and help her make ends meet. If she won't be able to make ends meet in the new job, then she'll end up bitter about it anyway. If she doesn't have a current new job pending, maybe it'd be good to work really hard on saving up a big(ger?) savings cushion at this well-paying job.

Slice of Pink

Leah, I totally agree! You have to pay your bills, right? All I am saying is that if you have choices (and there are always choices), take the road that makes you happier. There are a ton of differnt jobs in the world and if you have a job like Dawn's (much hated and crazy-making), I think finding something else is critical.

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