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May 20, 2009



Smelling decent when attending a luncheon is important. You're definitely doing your part to be eco-friendly.

Pink Chihuahua Princess

When I lived in DC I used to end up going everywhere sweaty. The bus is the way to go. :)


I missed out bike to work week as well. Way too much stuff going on lately to ride back and forth to work. I don't have the extra hour and a half in the day anymore. I've been thinking about getting a motorcycle to commute since I cannot ride. I would have gone with a scooter but, it would look funny in the parking lot next to the Harleys. The sad thing is I miss riding to work. Maybe in six weeks when my course is over I can get back on the bike. I am hoping it is warmer too. I rationalize by saying if I have to turn on the heater in the car it is too cold to ride.


Best of luck with that 30 page paper. It was hard
just getting a six page report done. You are amazing.
Another year almost done. Hang in there.


Have you seen the new Schwinn Roxie Cruiser, its all pink and retro! Its got your name written all over it! Check it out, here's a link:

Let me know what you think! Have a great weekend!

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