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May 01, 2009


Cindy D.

I think Will needs to pay up!!



absolutely! lucky you!


Pay up, Will!


I mean, technically it's still possible for you to finish the cookie so until you prove it's *impossible* it's still anybody's game.


You should totally get the money. And another cookie.

sensibly Sassy

um the hundo is totally yours!


You are a strong woman. O.S. cookies are so good that I'm not sure I could've thrown it out. :)

Lola Cherry Cola

Hehe, a bet is most certainly a bet. I probably would have finished the cookie though, I'm weak, hehe


Cough it up, Will.


He so owes you a hundred smackers:-)

Kayla Smith

My vote: You should get the $100. Throwing a delicious cookie out the window is very VERY difficult. You should be awarded.

wilda wallace

Good move Janet. Although, you should have fed the cookie to the birds or something, Will absolutely owes you the money. To Will: give Janet the $100 bucks. She didn't finish it, that was the bet. <3


I in shock that you would throw something from a moving vehicle. Given the seriousness of this, there is no reason for the transaction to be completed.

Bruce Small

Shocked, yes shocked I am that you, of all people, threw something out the window of a car into the street.


I think he owes you or else he SHOULD have said. Ibet you $100 that you CAN'T finish that cookie"

Tell him THAT! ha

Slice of Pink

A cookie is BIODEGRADABLE! And, we were only going, like, 10 MPH through a parking lot.

Barquan Johnson

As Wills personal business matters executive, i would have to disagree.

La Petite Belle

I think it was a stupid move on HIS part to make the bet, but yeah you TOTALLY WON! that was an easy one.


Yep, you are owed some cash.


Show Janet the Money, Will !!!!

Operation Pink Herring

I agree, he owes you $100. If he'd said he bet $100 that you COULD finish the cookie, that would be another story. We'd need to do an experiement, which I fear would prove that it's possible; you COULD eat it all if you really tried... but he said you WOULD finishe THAT cookie, which you did not. You win.


No brainer. Janet failed to finish the cookie, hence, Will must compensate Janet for her loss (of eating enjoyment) of said cookie. :-) Funny story though!


of course he owes you, you didn't finish it :)


Yup! Will needs to pay up! :)


I think you won. I love those Otis Spunkmeyer cookies--they have them at Target in the food area where I go to get coffee. You know when I shop, I need coffee. And a cookie! I like the ones that sort of seem like strawberry & white chocolate, or something!


Brilliant. Pay up Will.


I love this. My husband, sadly, would have definitely won. I am a piglet and a major cookie monster. No will power + Otis Spunk = eating whole cookie


Well now, it would depend on your definition of the word "finished."

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