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April 07, 2009



I think that it's important to not always be totally reverent about art museums. Art is better when you don't always take it too seriously :)


i love going to a good museum! and man that view is amazing.


I need to get myself there! Man, I have no excuse - I can walk there from my house and I run by it all the time! I heard the YSL exhibit is good, too. Oh crap, I just realized I missed it! Boohoo. :)

monica grado

Hi Janet,

Christopher, Jonah, and I went to De Young this last summer. It was quite memorable as Jonah threw up on Christopher in the middle of an exhibit. The place stunk instantly and we then have to proceed to walk through the entire exhibit to get out with both of them covered in bodily fluids. Definately, a memorable De Young experience. Christopher did get a De Young shirt out of the entire thing since he smelled.

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