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April 29, 2009



Wow, this is a really good answer to a tough question. It's helping me too since I am recently unemployed and have been looking into volunteer opportunities. Let me know if you meet up for a drink, I've also been reading your blog forever and live in Oakland :)


Love this advice! So fabulous :-) I too am a big believer in doing stuff because I want to do and not because I should. And, honestly, I've often found that seemingly unrelated jobs and volunteer opportunities helped me out down the road. Very true to do something because you want to and not because of how it will look to other people.


Why yes, I am tickled pink to see you respond to my question! Thank you for giving this so much thought! I had to go ahead and make this decision since applications are due April 30. I didn't go for it. I went to the orientation, loved what Berkeley Free Clinic had to offer, but it wasn't a right fit for me. Instead, to make sure I was still headed in the right direction, I applied to several other volunteer opportunities that were more low key on the commitment level. You're very right, I have to do what's right for me, which for now means going at a pace I can handle instead of comparing myself to everyone else in my class! (It also means I have no excuse not to do well in class!)
And dare I even mention that we sat at the same table at BlogHer last year (20-something get together) and I STILL didn't introduce myself :-) I think a bay area meet-up is in order if you swing out this way.

Operation Pink Herring

I could not agree with your answer more. This is the sort of question I would struggle with (to put it mildly)... your outside perspectives on these make everything so much clearer! Dude, I don't even want to admit how much time I spent thinking about Wedding Hair. And then those pictures you posted were EXACTLY what I was trying to find. You rock :)


Might I suggest volunteering at Children's Hospital in Oakland instead? You get regular shifts and the training is definitely not as intense as Berkeley free Clinic.


Hi Jill, just printed my application. Thanks for the tip!

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