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April 02, 2009



I signed up. Thanks for deciding for me. :)


PS. Now following you.


Oh no, I've been fighting it for so long but your post isn't helping!! The thing is - I already spend so much time online, haven't even taken the time to pretty up my blog or write more frequently, AND I don't have a Blackberry anymore. I'm worried Twitter will steal more precious free time. But it does sound fun!


Ach. I love Twitter.

Operation Pink Herring

I used to be totally anti-Twitter, and dudes. I was wrong. Twitter is awesome. Now I have someone to tell when my gym nemesis steals my 8lb weights! And when the coffee shop is out of hazelnut coffee, or when I really want pizza for lunch. Ah, Twitter. How wrong I was. (100% serious, btw. I have twittered about every one of those events and I LOVE IT.)


This is one of your best posts. I laughed on on the 5th floor of the library where the the other students give you dirty looks for making too much noise when you unzip your backpack. Very funny.


Definitely twitter! =)




This totally made me laugh, especially having just signed up to Twitter myself. Qwitter is hilarious.

"You can follow people and find out exciting things about their lives like what they are eating RIGHT THIS VERY MINUTE! About 90 percent of my twitters are about things I am currently eating." Ha!! Love this. And me too. :)

Marzipan tea sounds totally amazing and I hope they get some back in stock soon. :)

wilda wallace

OMG Janet,I loved this post. I laughed my ass off. I'm still laughing. I don't know what twitter is but I am a faithful reader of your blog.

Chelsea Talks Smack

I was resistant to twitter at firs,t but look at me I'm all about it now!

matt harrison

Marzipan tea! Ewh that does not sound very tasty... (When I think of marzipan I think of the cake decorating marzipan)
Yes its very sad when someone unfollows you... :( I love qwitter but I hate twitter spammers...




I added you as a friend, I'm a lurker to this site :-) oh and I'm your friend number 129, if that makes a difference!

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