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March 18, 2009



I don't know if you've heard, but Philly has a great art museum with awesome steps out front (perfect for running). You should come visit!


That's a great list, my dear! Good luck, and I can't wait to read stories about your accomplishments.


I'd never heard of Crown & Crumpet, but how cute! I really want to check that out now. Love Kir Royals!

Love #7! I've been trying really hard to do that lately, but it can be really hard!


I love the A to Z album idea. I might have to steal that. I am going to do a scrapbook page this year with 40 things I have learn at 40. I turned 40 in January. I loved my 30's. 35 was my favorite year.


I want to put Fat Willy in a doxie race. I know he could win.

How could you be 29? I am still only 28!


I wish I had made this sort of list before I hit 30 in September last year. I may have been a bit more positive about it. I still think this is a great idea for anyone for every year around their birthdays. I may have to try making my own list closer to September for what I want to do within the year!


Ooh, you will need company for some of that...

but I'm not hiking OR running a 5k...

Maybe I'll just plan your birthday party in Vegas! Who wants to come to Vegas to party with Janet on her 30th?! I bet the bunnies would come.


Love your list. It may inspire me to make my own!!


This is a lot of things to cross off in 11 months...but I know how motivated you are, so as long as you keep this list handy I'm sure you can do it. :)


I stumbled upon here by accident, but I'd just like to say you should go for the ridealong. You have to pick the date about a week in advance, sometimes two. I've gone on four now, with three different agencies (two city PDs and the Sheriff office I work for) and you just submit a sheet with a time and they call if it doesn't fly, but usually it does. There's usually a time limit of four hours. Most stuff happens on the weekend and night is easier to pull people over because its easier to see lights that don't work. Anywho, it's tons of fun, so go for it. You'll see how easy it was and wonder why you didn't sooner. :)


Eyeliner. You've hit my weak spot. Here's a recommendation for a sparkle eyeliner that I get nonstop compliments on every time I wear it. You can pick it up at a sephora or on drugstore.com It's considered an eyeshadow/liner pencil because it's chunky and glittery and blendable. I love it. Get a big sharpener too. While it is likely that a little glitter will find its way to other places on your face, it will just add to the beauty of your look. I use it in paparazzi(brown) and blue topaz. Seriously, non stop compliments. A friend asked if I'd be offended if she bought it. Go forth and enjoy.


I say if Will is doing the triathlon with Monty in October we take care of #2, and maybe #11. And i think you've already done #24...didn't we make skirts together once?

wilda wallace



Here's number 31, do yourself a favor and drop out of law school.

Slice of Pink

Dear Dewey (DL),
Dude! It's too late for you to be at work on Labor Day weekend. Come out west and spend some time in the California sun. =)


This is a really good idea janet i'm going to steal it after my twenty ninth bday!


Yikes. I'll be 30 in six months. Too late to put together my own list?

p.s. making marshmallows is much fun.

Chip Bennett

Love your list, I'm starting my own 30 before 30 project. I'd love to hear your thoughts on my list. http://30beforethirty.wordpress.com If I can help you with your list I would love it.


I love your list!! I have been working on my own life list but like the idea of taking a chunk of it and setting a deadline for myself.

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This is an excellent record, my dear! Good fortunes, and I cannot hold up to peruse stories concerning your achievements.

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