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March 04, 2009



Hmm...my fiance wants a fixie like no tomorrow (as if we have space for another bike - we have our two road bikes on brackets mounted to the wall in the living room, and my hybrid behind the couch) to ride around NYC to get to work. Yes, they look really hot (especially the newer, Italian ones) but when I read that wiki - seriously, no coasting? No, no no no NO - I need to coast - if anything coasting is leisurely but on a more serious note, I still haven't gotten over my fear of going downhill at high speeds since my cycling accident so I need to slow down and coast while going downhill(though the fastest I have gone was down a steep hill at about 45mph in the boonies of PA, what a thrill! But there is a different between a smooth road in the middle of nowhere and going down a hill in busy West Philly: cars and pedestrians and trolleys, oh my!).


um, blingh2o? really? that's just stupid. i'd argue against that.

i could see strawberry marshmallows, though. i mean, chocolate covered strawberries are good, why wouldn't strawberry flavored marshmallows in hot chocolate or in a s'more be good too? i guess i'd have to try it, see how strawberry-y it is.


Young girls whose dream in life is to be a model being coached by Tyra Banks who, at each point in the season, starts being referred to as 'mama' by the girls. It's the best train wreck ever! I stumbled upon you through some guy's blog ranking site, and, sadly, I must admit that I'm jealous.


America's Next Top Model is Dumb. My Roomie used to watch it religiously...the show is just a drawn out bore-a-thon.

Operation Pink Herring

My fiance also has a FG bike, and I have yet to understand why that's good. Remember when 10-speed bike being all the rage? why would you want a one-speed? Don't get it.

ANTM, I'll admit I used to watch it. I can't handle it anymore, but there is comedic value in Tyra Banks' "acting". It's one of those love-to-hates.

Hiking is aweseome. You get to be outside, walking around in the woods, seeing nature... maybe I love it because I'm locked in a basement office all day, but that's one I'd defend.

Betty O Rocker

I think Tyra has a head shaped like an alien. Seriously. Compare it next to the typical green alien head drawing and you'll see. She is also not the brightest crayon in the box. I don't get it either.

I hate marshmallows.

I am with you on all of these, actually. I am no help.

Bruce Small

You have to hike the Grand Canyon to believe the awesome majesty, and the quiet. There are times I'm completely alone, with just the sound of the birds flying past. You can really think, ponder life, and refresh.


I think of a hike as a walk with a view.


Strawberry marshmallows are delish and well, pink! Very good in hot chocolate. I don't watch ANTM every season, but I usually like to tune in & see what cat fights are going on and what their next challenge or photo shoot is going to be. I even watched a marathon of it over the weekend. It has some entertainment value!


There are no excuses for Bling H20. I've tried to get it...I just can't.


#5- AMEN!


I adore strawberry marshmallows! One of the catering companies that my school uses brings in huge dessert platters of chocolate-dipped strawberry marshmallows, and they're incredible. I always end up skipping the rest of the food and eating them as my dinner. Plus, as Lesli said, they're pink!


Found you at the blog babes site. And I'll take the marshmallows anyday.


1. Bling H20 is beyond pointless I mean really.
2. Never really thought of the strawberry marshmallow thing. Marshmallows are gross period, to me at least.
3. ANTM, I used to watch it but I'm over "reality" TV.
4. Coasting is a must, pfft.
5. Now hiking is exciting to me, when I have done it my camera finds the most interesting things and it's a great full body workout.


Bling H20? Is that water? 40?

Kimberly Flower

1. why? it hurts my brain to rationalize.
2. hmm, never tried strawberry marshmallows.
3. psha - but did you hear about the bachelor?!!
4. i have a single speed. i would die on a fixie (plus all the hipsters in sf have them...still don't get it). it's a minimalist perspective on a bicycle - and less maintenance. but brooks saddles! omg!
5. hiking is ok - i'm impartial.

sensibly Sassy

oh wow, bling H20...kinda skany


The boy I love has a fixie (http://thisisweeny.com/2009/01/18/4/) and so do his riding obsessed friends and they're all very pretty bicycles. They've pretty much formed a culture around it with all these events like bike polo and alley cats and treasure hunts. Fixies are really simplistic and can be taken apart and put together really easily. But saying that, I enjoy coasting and brakes, thankyouverymuch. :D

The other four are not meant to be understood. Ugh.


Um, aside of the fact that they're pink, strawberry marshmallows are delicious?

Just like chocolate marshmallows. But any flavor marshmallow has to be good. None of that Kraft jet puffed crap. I'm talking premium marshmallows here.

Belle (from Life of a...)

me neither...don't get any of those things...

Shawna Alpdemir

I definitely agree that Tyra has an oddly-shaped head! Regardless, I am one of those religious ANTM followers who stays in with a pint of ice cream on marathon days. I honestly think I just like to watch the "make-up/photo end result" part of the show. I could care less about the catfights.

On another note, apparently next season they are making the height requirement something like 5'7'' & under?! I have a friend going down to LA at the end of the month for auditions.


The top 4 things could stop existing and I wouldn't really care, but hiking is definitely something worth keeping. It gets you out of the manmade world and it does feel like worthwhile exercise. I abhor running and being out of breath, but hiking is a good workout without being winded or exhausted at the end. You're allowed to stop whenever you want for a break and depending on the location you can see a lot of beautiful things that you forget even exist when you go through your weekly routine of sitting in buildings all day.


I'd argue that any marshmallow is a good marshmallow. Unless it was somehow meat flavored. That wouldn't be good.


i'd try a meat-flavored marshmallow lol

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