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March 25, 2009



haha, that's ridiculous! why can't everywhere be like that?! sounds like a fun night :)


that's so funny!! if that had gone down where i live, oh there would have been a knife fight at least. I think we all need to take notes from this person...


I love it


That is hilarious. I think it's just proof that Ben & Jerry's makes anyone happy. :) Oh wait, I just saw you changed the location. Well, I guess people *are* just happier in Davis! ;)


Well, that seemed right out of Pleasantville.


Oh wow... Davis sounds like the anti-Philadelphia. I'm so jealous!


I would be too scared to do a ride-along in my own neighborhood, but it might be a good experience. Yours is too funny!

wilda wallace

Janet you always make my day. This was the best. You rock girl.


Perhaps it was the presence of a lady that made them so polite. You do have that Audrey Hepburn in the room thing about you.


OMG you live in Bizarro world. It sounds so nice!


I agree with Gwen's statement. Especially the Kensington section. Someone would have died.


That is completely and utterly awesome! Completely different from the ride-along I did in '07 with my then-bf, but it shows the difference in the places where we live, I guess. :)

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