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March 16, 2009



You could totally be a bunny, you're just as cute -if not cuter than those bunnies!


Oh, you make me laugh!
It was really nice of Will to support you and your blog even though he had to go to a Bunny Party.


This is why you're in law school! Great powers of persuasion!!


What a fun opportunity! Way to work it and get in there!


I totally understand why your husband had to interest in the bunnies. He has a gorgeous and smart bunny of his own!


Super funnn! They're gorgeous. So are you!


So fun!! Way to use those powers of persuasion!!!

sensibly sassy

what an awesome story! I love your rule about not eating at chain restraunts while on vacation. and that last pic is so funny!


I see that you're a


You're so funny. Ms. March, Jenn, is actually a very good friend of a very good friend of mine. I recognized her right away, but I've never seen her spread. I bet they loved you.


I love all the adventures you get yourself into. You are so awesome!!!


You're WAY cuter than either of the bunnies, and Mark was adorable! That last pic of Will was hysterical!

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