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February 23, 2009



The Living Room is SO good!! It's what I miss living here in Irvine, there was a Living Room right by San Diego Stata.


Too fun! I'm jealous!!


That sounds like the best weekend ever!

Kayla Smith

I am so ridiculously jealous...of both the hotel and the former students visit.

Glad you had fun pretty ladies.

Pink Chihuahua Princess

I'm wanting a chandelier for my birthday. Maybe I need those....


Holy moley, that place looks fabulous.

Do you think they'd notice if you moved in? Although, then there's there's the Husband to consider.



I think it needs to be an annual "conference". Our husbands can't argue if we have a conference to attend. Not going would make us irresponsible... Kayla, will you host next year's conference in SLO? Perhaps at the Madonna Inn? Now THAT'S classy.


Oh, you are so right -- that hotel is TOTALLY you. And definitely wouldn't have been appreciated as much by the menfolk. :)


Next year at the Madonna Inn it is. Get ready Jen and Janet


I'm confused - did you get a puppy?


Looks like so much fun! I love the Living Room.


Both the toddler and the puppy belong to Jenny and Gavin. Sorry to confuse! No babies or puppies for us anytime soon--at least until I graduate!

I have been wanting to stay at the Madonna Inn forever. Looking forward to conferencing there soon. =)


I am soo jealous. Not of you and Jenny but of Amber and Sarah. I want to see two of my favorite teachers from high school. (well, only Jenny was actually my teacher, you still taught me stuff though)


Well, I guess it's more of a girl thing. I have an idea: You and Jenny can hang out with Jill and I'll hang out with Gavin and Will (now attempting a rhyme scheme). And we'll all meet up for dinner in the city. Can't lose.

sensibly sassy

oh my gosh that hotel is un-real! wowee


Benji, I am all for a weekend getaway to Berkeley/San Francisco and I'm sure that Jen and Gavin are, too!


My husband barely appreciates the cool brown and blue bath towels I found that unexpectedly matched the shower curtain. I think gold knobs and chandeliers would have put him in a headspin.

Glad you enjoyed yourself! What a fun girly get-away.

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