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January 27, 2009



I think I would kill myself if I biked with heels on. Good on you. I go for bike shorts with padding myself!

Princess Extraordinaire

I like the idea of Louboutons and biking...


I have 2 bikes too! I have what I would consider a "cruiser"--it is pink and old-fashioned looking. And then I have a lavender Schwinn 10-speed that has been with me forever. Bicycles--you have to love them!! I miss mine--I don't ride in below zero or snow!

One Step At A Time

How cute are you? Who took your picture?

I wish that I lived in a city that was more bike friendly... California has perfect weather for biking.


haha, I totally get the bike culture thing. I wardrobe definitely revolves around being comfortable and biking appropriate.


oops meant to say "My wardrobe"

Ps. Really cute coat.


I am so incredibly jealous! I wish I could either ride a bike to work or walk to work. But with the amount of snow that we get here, it's just not possible.

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