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January 10, 2009



You have a good man there. And he has himself a great woman.


Great post. Sorry about the accident. But what a great way to recover. I love it when our men amaze us, they seem to 'woo' us all over again by just being, well, men. Have you ever heard the song "Push" by Sarah McLachlan? Look it up. It's a great song to dedicate to a great man.


wow, i had a couple of minor car accidents myself and believe me i could never be that cool. good for him, and you :) glad to know no one is hurt.


Good on, Will. Great post.


He sounds like the kind of man who would vaccuum stuffed animals for a toddler...the best sort of man, I think.


I'm so glad that nobody got hurt! And that Will sounds like a keeper. :)


Wow, great recovery, I'm glad you both are okay! There's no way I could've just continued with my plans I would have gone home to mope or cry. I need to learn this lesson from you both!


Wow. Cool cucumber, that Will is. So glad no one was hurt.s


What a guy! And you're no slouch either!


You're probably right that everyone saw you because this is still a small town kind of place. I'm going to ask my class how many saw you. :)


Yay for Will--good in a crisis! I liked that story. And, of course, best of all that nobody got hurt.


Oh my gosh. It's so scary how much your accident sounds like one my husband and I were in on Christmas Eve. Granted, it was in a snow storm and the accident in front of us was caused by a car spinning on ice, but we were slowing down to avoid it and another car as they crashed and we were fine, but then a Kia rearended us. Seriously, I'm never buying a Kia. We barely had any damage, but the Kia got so bashed in they couldn't open either doors on the passenger side. Anyway, I was also so happy that my husband was so cool and collected and I loved him even more after the experience. One other little difference - we wouldn't have made it to lunch. I guess the police are a bit slower in Idaho than California. Pfft.


Yes. That's a remarkarble trait. You are blessed to be married to someone with this characteristic.


I want a man like that. :)

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That's awesome that you didn't spoil it for him! My man is totally like that, unfortunately I have the capability to get under his skin with my freak-out tendencies and ruin it :( . Must learn from you!

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