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January 06, 2009



You're too funny. And I remember looking forward to my jury duty. So, I feel ya'.


I had jury duty about 3 years ago. It was pretty boring actually, I nearly fell asleep! So don't feel too bad.


I received my summons on Christmas Eve -- my third time serving. Unlike you, I am NOT looking forward to it later this month.


Then that makes me the only person who LOVES being called. I think it's a privilege, how nerdy is THAT?

Been called in both NYC and Philly w/in four years. The worst was being an alternate in NY so i had to sit through the whole thing and then didn't get to deliberate.

I hope you get called again!


SO jealous! I've never been called for jury duty and I would LOVE to. Here's hoping they will call you again!

East Coast Teacher

I'm due to serve the first week in February.

Upon receiving the notice, my first thought was, "Didn't I just do this?!"

Yeah, I did...like 8 years ago!

Definitely not looking forward to it, either.


Before my mom was a citizen, she would get summoned all the time. Since she got her citizenship...NOTHING. For over 10 years--nothing! She has actually talked about calling to volunteer.


I've always wanted to be on jury duty too. I think I watch too much Law & Order. ☺


I've always wanted to do jury duty at least once. I was called twice while I was in college. Since then once, for my little city's court (I didn't even knew it had one of its own). And when I called the day before to check in, my case was delayed and therefore I was excused. I was bummed.


I would love to be on a jury however once the lawyers hear that I am a social worker who has a goobly gook amount of experience with the court system I never get picked.


I'm "on call" for jury duty this week. How funny is THAT! But I'm torn--would love to serve but would hate missing the first week after winter break with my students.

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