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January 24, 2009


A Twitter User

Oh Janet, you've made my morning :)


I wish I lived in a cycling town... talk about great exercise and it's so fun.


Those last pictures are so GORGEOUS!

Barquan Johnson

Thanks, I'm gonna try it out


Wow! This is great! I just love the image of bicycling in a dress or skirt. Esp with a basket. And some flowers. Ooh, do you ever snap pictures while you ride?


This is fantastic advice. I'm so happy to see this blog. Another way to easily get on a bike with a dress is to ride a step-through frame.

Cheers to riding in a dress! :)


Thanks for posting the vintage pin-up. Very sexy. Dog, I love pin-up. Ahem, anyway, my wife actually rides her bike to work in the summer on occasion, but she wears shorts and a T, leaving her nonride garments in a bag in her milk crate.. I don't think she would like to ride with skirts or dresses. Those garments are a little too dressy for her, and she doesn't like being a sweaty mess when she gets to work, being "dressed up" and all. St. Louis is HOT in the summer, not to mention the humidity.

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Wanna a ride in bike on those streets

Fancy Girl Dress

This is great! I just love the image of bicycling in a dress or skirt. Esp with a basket. And some flowers...

Gina Banafrit

I absolutely adore this post! I rode my bike in a dress on yesterday and had the best time! I know realize I don't have to wear biking pants and a tee whenever I want to go cruising :-)
Thanks for the tips!

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For me the first thing about riding a bike wearing a dress is to ride the right kind of bike that is built for a girl. One that has the top tube angled downwards.

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I wanna ride in a bike with my bf. I don't care if I wear dress! Thanks for the tips.

The Magic Of Making Up

Great pictures.


That should be the national sport. I do not want to think about what if the streets were full of girls and women in short skirts on bikes! Our eyes will go after every bike.

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I really like them all but I LOVE that cream colored one!!


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here's a song i made about bike riding in a dress.


Dennise Pinley

Wearing really short, black, cycling shorts also works - it fits the need anyway. But if you're not wearing any "safety harness" under your skirt, it would help if you don't bike like you're in a race or something. That's unsafe, anyway. =D

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I really like the first photo in this post as the couple rides next to the vines - what a pretty dress for a ride. I hope they're still together. It's still nice enough here to ride in dresses and skirts, and I love seeing summer dresses swirling around the ladies as they ride by. Over the summer, I saw the occasional emergency tuck-in, but I didn't catch any Marilyn Monroe moments. As for choosing your outfit, with the right material, you can ride without biking shorts underneath, which kill the whole feeling of the material caressing you while you ride; you may as well carefully carry your dress in your side bag and just enjoy your ride in shorts. You don't want to do any high-speed hill bombing, of course, as one of the posters noted. This blog is about riding in dresses, but for comparison, it's worth checking out Connected's floral-print skirts; they have a slip, and while they flow comfortably during the ride, the lighter outer layer and slightly heavier inner layer combine to drop as needed along your legs as you pedal. They're pretty, and just the right length for biking.



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