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December 11, 2008



Awesome picture!!! I had the same rollers when I was a kid!


OMG I went through the same phase, that's exactly what I used to think...we must be going somewhere fancy!


OMG,I had many a sleepless night due to those sponge rollers. my mother loved me to sleep in those things!! wonder who told her that was a good idea? she planted the "its painful to be pretty' idea, very early!!
I bet your bangs snapped up into the tightest weenie roll around, after setting on those curlers!!

Belle (from Life of a...)

Looks like you were headed for the big time!

La Petite Chic

Ha ha! My mom used to put those pink sponge curlers on my hair at bedtime and put a pair of my underwear (yes, underwear!) on my head to cover the curlers, but I did always wake up with beautiful curls in the morning!

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