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December 01, 2008


A Twitter User

I feel your pain...I'm cramming an entire semester worth of natural disasters into the next two weeks. Arrghhh...


eek! finals! good luck!

if i were you, i'd be thinking the whole time about the yummy wine to drink afterwards....not the 7$ Trader Joe Stuff, like, good stuff.


Good luck with studying!


I am thinking that I might just send out Chinese New Year cards instead of holiday cards this year...less stressful for me and a delightful surprise in my friends' mailboxes come February!
Good luck with finals! We can't wait to see you when you are finished!


Christmas Cards...Ahhhh... Where do I find the time. I think I will only send one this year to my jewish friend Millie.


I love your cards. I usually get a Valentine's card from you and Will. I would like to get a Christmas card also. I will send new mailing address to email.


I love getting Christmas cards!


Let's chat about the First Amendment and the Free Exercise Clause! I LOVE THOSE CASES!! You've gotta love the Amish and the Jehovah's Witnesses--what go-getters!

P.S. I'm killing my A.P. kids with the First Amendment right now. So maybe you could forego the Trader Joe wine and have some fun ala Gonzales v. UDV (2006) and drink some hallucinogenic tea!!!

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