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November 13, 2008



Hmm...mine would be Kitten...


Tiny, of course!

La Petite Chic

I'll go with Hazel (for my eyes!). I can't wait to see all the comments on this :)


"Pretty bird" - always my code name.

wilda wallace

hummingbird. I got to pet a hummingbird one summer day. I'll go with that.

Jeannette Valencia

scout. for sure

sensibly Sassy

Mine would be SASSY1


Hmmm...I think I would suggest...oh, dear. I'm completely drawing a blank.

Oh!--maybe "Lark" since I'm such a early riser and morning person.


I have been thinking about this since last night and I am still stumped. The only ones I can think of deal with me being Asian and short, and that seems rather gauche next to Renaissance.


Funny that you posted about this, as I was thinkinga about it too!

Here is what I've come up with:

Birdie (just sounds cute, no?)
Blondie (too casual though)
Juniper (the J thing)


Fun size.


I would be "Bug"


Lovey (channeling my inner Mrs. Howell from Gilligan's Island)

Lucky (because I am!)

Lilac (because I like the flower & the color purple)

Lush (because I drink a lot of wine!)

All "L" names of course!


My code name would be Charmed. I have this on my personalized state car tag.


I think I would be Scar (this goes back to my college days) or Iris (my favorite flower).

Debra Sue

Mountaineer or Ladybug


What's the point in a code naming the president and his family if everyone knows what it is?

Mine would be Cuppycake because it would be a riot to hear Secret Service talk to each other was seriously as possible on the hand held radios.

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