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October 30, 2008



Holy shit. That is a lot of stuff. I don't know what I expected, but that -- that is a LOT of stuff. (And until you got lazy, it was all way cuter than Palin's clothes. Kudos.)


You forgot some of your qualifications...your time you worked in the political machine and your time as a teacher. The teacher time is very important. I think Robotics Advisor is equal to being hockey mom.


that is ridiculous!
I cant stand that bitch,
but I absolutely LOVE you!


Wow, that is just mind boggling. Makes me want to be nominated for VP. I too have more formal education.


In her defense, the RNC bought those clothes for her and according to them, they'll be donating them to charity. They apparently felt they needed to get her better clothes for settings she'd be in. Extravagant, yes, but it wasn't her idea. But I love your little experiment on here. You can get a lot for $150 grand!

The Maiden Metallurgist

$150k sounds like a lot, but I hadn't really thought about how much it could actually buy. Now I'm shocked. Who even needs that many suits/pants/blouses/shoes?


jeez, that's a lot of money (and a shit-ton of clothes) this experiment seems more difficult than one of my math problems.

As for your qualifications: sorry, but you're just too young. Yup, that's what separates you from the office, your youth. Honestly I'd take the latter.



I'm glad Benji reminded you, THAT YOU'RE TOO YOUNG TO BE V.P.! I'd expect a budding constitutional scholar to know the qualifications, you silly thing. BESIDES! You'd NEVER wear high heels!


omg this is by far the best blog post ever!!! i am a shopper by nature and would have started to cry that i couldn't actually by all of this stuff. and yes, after a while, it would get difficult to find stuff. i honestly think that the amount "she" (or did they have a personal shopper) spent was a bit ridiculous. but if it was a personal shopper, then they buy more than necessary and take what wasn't liked back or donate it....


Interesting to see what $150,000 on clothes will get you. I'm amazed. Thank you for spending the time to put this together!


I cant even imagine how much time it took you to write this post! I want to go find the charity she is planning on donating these clothes to (yeah, right. she is totally gonna keep them) and stand in line.


This was so interesting!! And it must have taken HOURS to do your pretend shopping and then make this post. Love that first dress by Rebecca Taylor. You know you would have made a much more stylish VP candidate. With way cuter hair!!


GREAT post!


First time visitor, here via Flooded Lizard Kingdom. Fantastic post!


So, I know it's not the point of this post (which I totally agree with, and couldn't be more pleased of last night's presidential election results).

But! That world you speak of - the one with no sales tax - it exists. Just head north on Oregon. :)


As a guy who has no idea how you'd spend $150,000 on clothing, this is very illuminating.

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what I would be wearing had the RNC picked me as the Vice Presidential Candidate. What? I could have been picked. I have more formal education than Sarah, I can see Russia on a map, and I know some Supreme Court cases, too. I have a cute haircut. Totally qualified, my friends.

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