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October 01, 2008



That right there is talent!


You applied mascara while riding a bike? I would like some of your talent, please and thank you. That is seriously impressive. And probably also dangerous, but I'll let that slide.


very cute!

Nicole Keadle

I want to go to a game!
It looks like you guys
had so much fun!

We should all go to a niners game!

Erin C.

Great video! Beats doing law school homework anytime. (not that I went to lawschool, but my bro-in-law just finished smu and just about wore out his eyes with all that reading).

Hang in there and thanks for sharing some of your free time entertaining us.


So cute!

wilda wallace

You are a talented soul. Where do you find the time? I am very happy that you do find the time, you always keep me entertained. I always share with others.


I'm impressed. Seriously.
I can't even put mascara on properly while sitting in my bathroom sink...
You are a talented cat.


My law school son texted me last night and said, "I'm reading a case about pantyhose...is this what my life has come to?"

We laughed for 15 minutes...


That was so much fun! Even though there were a lot of crazy fans. Cute video!

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