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October 06, 2008





1. People messing up "you're" and "your" (similarly, "there," "they're," and "their"

2. Putting midterms/papers within 1 day of each other

3. Wont make illegal, but put a quota on the use of the word "maverick" by a politician or their running mate.

4. The flu virus

5. Fox News, Bill O'Reilly, or Rush Limbaugh (at the very least slap a Surgeon General's Warning label on those shows)


Great list!

As president, I would eliminate shipping fees added to online purchases; make it illegal to repeat songs within 24 hours on Sirius radio; mandate refunds for horrible movies; cap outrageous salaries for executives and athletes; and fine you if you let your child "cry it out" in restaurants and stores.


I would outlaw 40, 50, 60 hour work weeks, mandate 6 weeks paid vacation and fine people for driving in the emergency lanes on the highway to get to their exit faster.


I would outlaw

1) The word "prego"
2) Calf high socks with shorts
3) Homes without dishwashers
4) Driving below 65 in the left lane
5) cooked peppers


In addition to your wonderful ideas, and SOME of the others listed....

I would make it illegal to smoke while in traffic. What blows out of one car goes straight into the next. And you can't escape!!

Chris Cactus

John McCain, Sara Palin and people who mispronounce nuclear.


I am so with the person who would ban the word "preggo". I'd also get rid of all the cutesy words for pregnancy and/or sex. You are not "baby dancing" - you're having sex!

I'd make it illegal to discriminate based on sexual orientation. I'd also go along with the person who set at cap on salaries, but instead I would make it a percentage cap. For example, the CEO cannot make more than X% than his staff. If he wants a bigger salary, he better up their pay too.

Oh, and those obnoxious people who have loud cell phone conversations in public would get hefty fines.


1. Cell Phone Contracts
2. Telemarketing
3. Work From Home Scams
4. Sniffling
5. Motorcycles


1. Bringing dinner into the library.
2. High Fructose Corn Syrup Ads.
3. Smoking in public.
4. High health insurance premiums.

Sensibly Sassy

1. Wearing too much cologne/perfume (and applying said cologne in enclosed spaces)

2.Men that whine like little kids

oh and there are so many more....I just can't think of them now


Mountain Dew & Starbucks (I'm finally over it after having horrible coffee for 1 week straight)


1.Partially Hydrogenated Oils

2.Incandescent light bulbs

3.Elisabeth Hasselbeck

4.Comcast cable

5.Bill collectors

Heather B.

1. Cooked carrots
2. Restaurants that don't offer special menus with vegetarian or vegan or gluten free options
3. Starbuck unless it's fall (pumpkin spice time) or winter (eggnog latte time)
4. PCs
5. Credit card interest rates.


Leggings worn as pants. Miley Cyrus. Crocs.


Hummer? Would that be the vehicle?

Debra Sue

Taking small children into rated R movies
Candles or air freshners in offices
Teachers who refuse to teach basic grammar
Celebrity monikers like "Lezlo" and "Brangelina"
Cutesy words like "preggo" "Horsey sauce" "Oopsie!" and "Comfy"
Taxing gasoline
High heath insurance premiums

I am so with you on the McRibb - nasty!


I'll write you in...


Oh the McRib..ew.

1. Paris Hilton
2. Outsourcing. I'm sorry but I am already frustrated with my computer if I can't understand the person telling me what to do I just cry hystericaly.


Looks like I will be the only conservative posting...(HI! Long time reader...just read through bloglines...so no comment posting!)

I would make illegal, "sharing the burden". It doesn't work.

I am for making most things legal that do not harm children and animals.


Hummers SHOULD be outlawed.

I would get rid of cigarettes and Crocs.


1. Geese yard ornaments. And maybe real geese too!
2. Domain HOARDERS!
3. Crocs
4. Cigarettes
5. Having the thermostat set lower than 76ยบ


My husband was starving late last night and wanted to run to McDonalds. I went with him although I wasn't hungry. I had to turn away from the "sign menu" becuase the McRib looked SO disgusting.

I'd also love it if smoking were outlawed.

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog. Just read up on your saving/spending program and I need to get signed up for that. :-)

Really though, it's all too easy to spend more than you should! And for what - usually too much "crap" at Target that you don't even know you have now!

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