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October 27, 2008



When you find one, please, PLEASE let us know. Lord knows I need one.

The Maiden Metallurgist

I use this and this. Doesn't budge, and easy as pie to apply.


Go to the Chanel counter. Expensive, yes; Worth it, yes.


Lancome Le Stylo Waterproof...it comes in two shades of brown and lasts almost all day. It's the best I've found.


Bobbi Brown gel liner is incredible. I have oily skin & eye makeup usually creases on me or worse - flakes under my eye. I've been using the BB gel liner for a year and I love it! A bit expensive, but one little tub has lasted me all year. (gross... I should probably throw it out?)


I use the almay eyeliner in brown and it stays on until the next day! I love it!


Honestly, the very cheap Revlon ColorStay has worked wonders for me. I can even sleep in the stuff and it doesn't come off. Though that only happens on the very rare occasion.


I look forward to the answers you receive--I want an eyeliner that doesn't turn me into a raccoon by the afternoon!

BTW, I tagged you for a meme on my blog today.


I've always had the best luck with liquid liner...


I like MAC stuff. They have two kinds of eyeliners in pen format (and they also have the powder ones but those don't stay on all day). The kind in the tube stays put much better than the pencil version. I think the product is called Technakohl Liner.

(But seriously, purple eyeliner would be quite fun, you should at least try it on in the store!)


My problems with eyeliners:
1. keeping it on
2. avoiding getting liquid in my eyes (results of that: black eye boogers and tears ruining the nice liquid line I just took 30 minutes to make)
3. avoiding sharpeners that I can NEVER find when I need them

My solution: Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus. It stays on MOSTLY all day. Definitely through work/school and then maybe a touch up before dinner/going out.

plus, cover girl always has promotional kits with mascara/eyeliner duos for like 10 bucks. Super cheap for your budget and mine!


Smashbox cream eyeliner is incredible. It is so easy to apply and looks fabulous and fresh w.out smudging!


I use Urban Decay 24-7 eyeliner. It is a creamy pencil liner that can be pretty dramatic, but it definitely stays put!


i second the person above me who said covergirl perfect point...it's soooo easy to put on/blend, stays on reasonably well, and is super cheap!

however, the only thing i've found that stays on ALL day without budging is to take an eyeliner brush, run it under the tap, and use it to apply dark brown (or any color of your choice) eyeshadow wet as an eyeliner. once it dries, it does not go ANYWHERE. which is good for long-lasting eyeliner but bad if you make a mistake! :)

also - have you ever tried using a base? urban decay makes a great one (magic potion)...it's skin colored, you put it on your eyelids before applying eye makeup, and anything you put on is staying put until you wash it off. love this stuff!!


What a great post. I am going to have to try some of the items mentioned above.


Love the L'Oreal Linuer Intense liquid eyeliner. I have oily eyelids and it stays on almost all day. At the end of the day, if I rub it, it will flake - so I just don't touch it and it's cool.

Debra Sue

I second the Revlon Color Stay. It's cheap, comes in a nice, matte, mink brown, and will stay on till the next day if you drink too much wine and fall alseep on the couch in front of the TV


I am such an eyeliner whore. I used to be the type that would have to bring q-tips in my purse to clean the smudging liner half way thru the day, UNTIL i discovered the CLINQUE Quickline for Eyes. It's amazing and lasts forever and doesn't smudge. Its $14 and it has a sponge on one end and the pencil on the other.


Let me know if you try it!!

P.S.- Keep wearing your pin until Obama wins on tuesday. I am wearing mine!

Traci Anne

Makeup For Ever waterproof eye pencil. This stayed put perfectly on Election Night, when I was bawling my eyes out!


I second the person who said Bobbi Brown's eye gel. Absolutely incredible!!!

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