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September 16, 2008



ooooo they are puurrty.
did you try em out?
nevermind. dont answer that. ;)


Why is FIRST displayed in all caps? Is it from the subconscious? hehe


Hey I'm Lauren's friend, the one who's comments you deleted. (jK!)

Those look like the vials of candy that had a worm in the middle. None the less, it's candy that I would not want to eat.


Oooh - we've tried it! And, yes, it did "enhance" the experience!


Well that was a good question ;) I haven't tried it but it pigued my interest and just may have to try it out.


I use my KY to help insert those feminine products. I know it makes my day go by better. I don't feel like I am drying up from the inside. LOL

Sensibly sassy

ooh they are glowing on the package!


Ooohhh I wonder if they glow when they are um - OUT - of the package...


i'm dying here. the marketing team for the new product must um, not be familiar with their line of goodies. lol!


Do you have to mix them together, like epoxy?


i actually worked on the design of this packaging! and yeah, K-Y® is all about intimacy products for couples, but this is the first one where there is something for the guy AND the girl, together. ... and by the way, the type on the vials actually glows in the dark. :)

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