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July 24, 2008



Does it get any better than cornbread and chili? Thanks for the recipe, it looks delish. I have to find a Crock Pot and try it.




Well, it looks delicious! And J totally does all the cooking. xo


Another yummy ingredient to add is veggie ground round (fake ground beef). Makes for a yummy texture :)


Ooh, that chili is looking good right now (I'm really sad... it's not even 10am yet, haha).

I do the party meatball thing too, but your's sounds a lot more tasty than what I do -- Costco meatballs + KC Masterpiece. I'm trying your recipe next time!


There's an awesome veggie chili recipe in a cookbook called Vegan Vittles, and it does, indeed, taste like chili. And it's easy to make. ALSO---being the total Trader Joes fiend that you are, I can't believe you haven't discovered TJ's vegetarian meatballs. YUM!!!


I gotta tell ya, you lost me at party meatballs... grape jelly?!
I've made my share of chili- ranging from healthy to hearty, vegetarian to a 3 meat combo... but this party chili is a new concept!


I really like your nail polish. I know it is supposed to be about the food, but I really like the color. The chili looks delicious, too.


Oh, Janet, revert to Will in times of dire emergency, like when I thought I was going to burn my arms off from hot oil, and JG browned chicken for me. At the very least, if he does the cooking, make him wear the apron! :)


I like the part about having Will handle some/all of the dirty work. I want a personal chef, too! :)

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