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July 20, 2008



Wasn't that wallpaper gorgeous!

what a weekend!


Ha ha ha ha ha!


I have pictures to send you (as soon as I get unpacked and get around to uploading them, that is)!

My elderflower cocktail was definitely the highlight of the alcohol for me.

And I have to tell you that I PINK PUFFY HEART LOVE YOU!!! Come visit me & Zan in DC!


I LOVED meeting you in the 20SB meet up. I'm just sorry we didn't get the chance to talk more!


I didn't take any photos either! But Liz let me steal some of hers, and Semi-Charmed emailed me another. :)

It was so ultra-fabulous getting to see you again after TWO YEARS!!! Oh, my God, that's such a long time!!

And I even forgive you for spilling macaroni on my foot. :)

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