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July 06, 2008



I would go for anything with cream cheese. LOVE cream cheese. Sometimes it is just not worth asking for opinions--especially if they don't agree with what you want to hear, I have found. :)

La Petite Belle

hahahaha, thats what happens when you ask someone who has other tastes. That happens to me all the time, because apparently I am unable to make decisions, any kind of decisions, so i ask people and they give me their opinion, then they get mad when i dont take it, and then it always turns out i would have not liked their opinion anyway.


Cream cheese is a definite plus in my book. Totally agree, most of the time, other opinions are so irrelevant!


good for you; sometimes you just gotta go with your gut (especially when it involves food haha).

Starbucks baked goods are all pretty tasty, but they are also all frozen not freshly baked :(

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