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June 06, 2008



My sorority grandlittle was born on Pi Day AND understood the awesomeness of that. This is why I love her.


I love Think Geek! It's great for unique gifts. xoxo


It's so funny but everyone I talk to hates going to the post office. I don't know what it is about mailing stuff but it is just so tedious. Although I do love receiving stuff in my mailbox!


I would be so awful at the Prime/Not Prime game, but I'm sure JG would like to quiz me. I will stick to Finding Incorrect Usages of Apostrophes, instead. Fun!

Can I convince you of the merits of Mole Day? That is my official day of geeking out.


I recently bought one of the robots that creeps around the house and vaccums. I think it's the best $150 dollars I've ever spent. Seriously. I admit, it's difficult to get used to...it really is creepy...but wow...my carpets are, like, spotless.

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